Vumma Enlarge

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Vumma Enlarge is a herbal solution to get you up and going in the bedroom once again. Vumma Enlarge not only ensures a stronger and lasting erection but also assists with premature ejaculation, making certain that your orgasms are longer and more intense.

The capsule is taken on a daily basis which will provide a more spontaneous erection, so your sex life will once again be on your terms – wherever, whenever you get that loving feeling.

Within 4 to 6 months of taking Vumma Enlarge on a daily basis you will also notice a significant increase in both the length and the thickness of the penis which will increase your own pleasure as well as that of your partner.



Vumma Enlarge is a male health support supplement.

Assist with:

Greater pleasure & energy

Greater Libido Levels

Promotes blood flow

Aphrodisiac for Men

Boosts the Immune System

Improves Men’s Overall Health

Maintains Good Prostate Health

Fortified with B&C Vitamin plus Minerals

Super Power Formula

Safe for Diabetics

Ingredients per capsule:

Ashwaganda Extract 60mg

Maca Extract 40mg

Sarparilla/Smilax Extract 30mg

 Pumpkin Seed 30mg

L-Arginine 90mg

Muira Puama Extract 20mg

Cayenne Pepper 50mg

Bangalala Extract 90mg

Tribulus Terrestris 30mg

Ginseng 60mg


Take 1 Vumma Enlarge capsule in the morning 2 Hours before/after meals.

To be used as a male health support supplement.


Keep out of reach of children.

Store in cool dry place.

Discontinue use if any side effects occur.

Consult your doctor prior to use of this product and if taking any other medication.

“This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”